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Taking Advanced Ride Control Technology To The Limit

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  1. NEW Shaft Cover Protection
  2. NEW Long-Life Oil Seal Design
  3. Performance Range From 60 Degrees Below Zero to 350 Degrees Fahrenheit
  4. Mono-Tube Design
  5. Corrosion Free, Steel Clad, Plated Shock Body
  6. Delivers up to 4,000 Pounds of Dampening Force per Wheel

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roadking class 8 truck shocks


Maximizing tire life begins by stopping the tires from bouncing.

OEM and aftermarket shocks only provide enough force, approximately 900 lbs., to control body motions.

The wheel and axle control is where they fall short.

By allowing the tires to bounce every time the tire hits a pothole, the tire temperatures run 30% hotter than with RoadKing Shocks.

Tire bouncing causes tire cupping and generally reduced tire wear by 30% or more.

RoadKing Shocks, with their 2 5/16” bore mono tube shocks, delivers up to 4,000 lbs. of damping control to the wheel and axles eliminating tire bouncing.

The average increase in tire mileage with RoadKing Shocks is approximately 30% more.


Features include: spherical rod bearing mountings, mirror polished bore surfaces, multiple urethane oil seals, 500 hour salt spray shafts.

No metal to metal surfaces increases mileage dramatically.

RoadKing Shocks have 280% more piston surface area than all of the OEM and aftermarket shocks available for class 8 trucks.

RoadKing Shocks are machined out of billet steel and aluminum, true CNC precision parts.

Designed, built and assembled by American craftsmen, in the United States of America.

All of the outside surfaces are cad plated or anodized to help protect against environment damage.