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Taking Advanced Ride Control Technology To The Limit

Take Your Luxury Ride To A New Level

RoadKing Shocks LLC is pleased to announce that we have made a new major breakthrough in piston and valve design. This new constant force valving design allows us to expand our range of adjustment beyond any existing shock absorber technology available today.

The trick to optimizing heavy motor home suspension is the ability to turn on large control forces where you need them and turn off those large control forces when you don’t need them. The new constant force piston design technology allows us to ramp in very large forces without ride harshness. This new piston design technology is what we have been searching for. Delivering to you the ultimate in ride comfort and control for the motor home suspension.

RoadKing shocks already have the latest technology in shock absorber design for motor homes. The 2 5/16″ bore shocks are the biggest ride control product available for motor homes. In addition, the mono tube shock design with spherical bearing mounting, was the latest breakthrough in shock absorber design for motor homes.

The new constant force valving technology will take motorhome ride comfort and control to new frontiers never before achieved. When you choose RoadKing shocks you know you have selected the best technology available in motor home shocks.

Competitors offer a one size shock fits all vehicles approach. They offer the motor home owner the same size shock that they supply to light duty trucks and passenger car customers. When you compare the big bore RoadKing motor home shocks to a typical OEM or aftermarket motor home shock you will find the RoadKing shock piston has 280% more surface area than the standard shocks.

Standard shock pistons have a 1.5 square inch surface area piston and the RoadKing shock has a 4.2 square inch surface area piston.

This increase in surface area drastically reduces the internal pressure inside the shock during operation. This reduction in pressure reduces ride harshness while adding up to 10 times more control force in damping.

Standard OEM and aftermarket shocks for motor homes develop up to 1,800 pounds of force maximum. RoadKing big bore shocks develop up to 4,500 pounds of control per wheel and because of the lower internal pressures they provide a much lower level of ride harshness.