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Taking Advanced Ride Control Technology To The Limit
roadking semi truck shock features


After years of development, RoadKing Shocks LLC is excited to introduce the new extended mileage shock.

What’s in the new shock?

A new custom-designed shaft cover protects and prevents damage to the shaft. This design not only prevents rock and pit damage but also protects against road salt, dirt, and any kind of grime imaginable. The result is a dramatic increase in the life of the oil seals, which prevents leaks and protects your investment.

Now RoadKing Shocks have an even greater advantage over other aftermarket shocks that wear out quickly and must be replaced once a year or every 100,000 miles.

Still not convinced?

RoadKing Shocks produce up to 4,000 pounds of force, which gives them a four to one advantage over conventional aftermarket shocks. This extra control force keeps your tires connected to the road surface which increases your ride comfort, stability, suspension control, and extends the tire life of your rig’s up to 30% longer.

What are the long-term benefits of running RoadKing Shocks?

When you weigh the difference in the cost of running the RoadKing Shocks, your operating costs are reduced dramatically. If you are paying $70.00 for conventional aftermarket shocks you have spent up to $420.00 every 100,000 miles on shocks. If you do this 8 times over 800,000 miles you are spending $3360.00 for standard shocks. If you purchase RoadKing Shocks for $2000.00 and run them thousands of miles more, you are saving money.

If you also include the 30% increase in tire mileage you could be saving a lot of money. The great ride and handling reduces vibrations and shaking to the truck. It pays to run RoadKing Shocks and enjoy a much better ride for free.

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