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Taking Advanced Ride Control Technology To The Limit
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Taking Advanced Ride Control Technology To The Limit

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RoadKing Shocks is releasing their NEW ¾ and 1 ton shocks for GMC, Chevrolet, Ford and Ram pickups. These new applications of their big 2.5” mono tube shocks have been designed to deliver the large forces needed to improve ride comfort, heavy loads and trailer towing. The factory shocks that are installed are a basic twin tube shock that have a bore size of 1 ½” to 1 3/8”. Factory shocks lose up to ½ of their control around 35,000 miles. Factory shocks deliver around 800 pounds of force when new. Roadking Shocks are factory rebuildable and are designed to last for the life of the truck.

The newly designed 2.5” RoadKing Shocks produce over 2,000 pounds of force. Increasing the force makes these trucks much more stable when towing heavy trailers or hauling heavy loads in the bed of the truck. In addition, RoadKing Shocks keep the tires connected to the road surface improving tire wear up to 30%. The interstate highways when traveling across country can have stretches of road that are beat up because of the heavy duty trucks that you are sharing the road with. Another important way RoadKing Shocks improve the ride if you are towing an equine trailer with stock, the trailer motions can be reduced dramatically helpin the horses with reduced motion. Cross country trips are where these shocks really reduce the stress on the driver and passengers because the truck is much more comfortable and it is absolutely stable.