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Taking Advanced Ride Control Technology To The Limit

fire truck shocks

Taking Advanced Ride Control Technology To The Limit

RoadKing Shocks is releasing for sale our new 2.5” and 3” shocks for fire trucks.

The big bore 2.5” and 3” RoadKing shock absorbers replace the standard shocks. The bore size is virtually almost twice the bore size of the factory shocks, doubling the bore size increases the control force by the square to four times higher over the stock shocks.

More control force slows down the suspension motions by using higher control forces in the shocks. This technology makes an impressive safety improvement in driving at high speed. The control on side to side motions is virtually increased up to 50%. Moving thru traffic at high speeds to save lives is important and with the big bore RoadKing shocks it’s possible to run at much higher speeds with increased safety.

Rough roads with low control force shocks makes driving the truck a handful. Slowing down the truck motions makes controlling the truck much safer and reduces drive fatigue. One of the most important improvements you can make on fire truck is making the truck stable and predictable when driving at high speeds.

RoadKing shocks is also offering our big 3” shocks for fire trucks. Some fire trucks may be carrying more weight than lighter fire trucks and may require more control force. The 3” is designed for heavy trucks and especially for fire trucks that are required to go off road.

RoadKing has been selling its big bore mono tube shocks for over twelve years to the class eight heavy duty truck market including heavy haul applications. In addition, the large diesel pusher motor homes are using big bore RoadKing shocks with night and day improvements.

If your fleet of fire trucks need the features and benefits that big bore mono tube shocks offer, please contact us to get more information.