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Taking Advanced Ride Control Technology To The Limit
equine transportation shocks

Taking Advanced Ride Control Technology To The Limit

RoadKing Shocks, known for supplying the trucking and large motor home industry the finest ride control products in the world, is pleased to introduce the finest ride control shocks for the first time to the equine transportation industry.

Most class 8 trucks with large stock trailers have air suspension. Air springs like their counterpart leaf springs are redesigned to hold up the truck and trailer. The difference between an air spring and a leaf spring is the air springs are height adjustable based on a leveling valve that keeps the truck and trailer at ride height when loaded or unloaded. The value of this comparison illustrates that air springs are still just an adjustable spring when compared to a leaf spring and does not enhance the ride much differently than any spring.

All of the truck and trailer motions are controlled by the shock absorbers and shock absorber technology can reduce shock, impact and ride harshness 30% or more. RoadKing shocks are twice the size of conventional shocks and when you double the bore size of the shocks it allows the shocks to increase the control force range. Think of the shock absorber like an elevator speeding from top floor of a tall building coming to a controlled stop quickly keeping people from having their legs collapse when transitioning from a fast speed to stop quickly with the minimum of impact to the human body.

RoadKing shocks are the most sophisticated shock absorber in the world that slows down axle to the platform (trailer) animals are transported on today. If you are interested in offering the owner and trainer the most sophisticated ride technology, or just learning more, contact one of our sales engineers.