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I’m writing to tell you how pleased I am with my shocks! I do most of my driving in New Jersey where the roads are horrible. I put RoadKing Shocks on and the ride is so much smoother! I would say 75% of bumps are gone!

The heavier the load, the better it handles!!

Thanks again,

I installed a set of RoadKing Shocks on my steering axle to see how they performed. The difference is phenomenal! I travel the same route weekly so I know every bump, pothole, and bridge transaction.

The shock and jarring felt through the cab is now significantly reduced. Winds were blowing 25 mpg gusting to 40 mph out of the south, I was headed east.

Normally my cab would be rocking and rolling with me fighting it all the time. While I still felt the wind, the stability and control was greatly improved. Narrow two-lane roads that would require fierce attention to driving due to their pitch and roll are now a breeze.

The shocks react so much faster to road deviations. Now at the end of the day I’m not as fatigued from driving.

So far, RoadKing Shocks are the BEST money I’ve spent on my 2001 T2000 with over a million miles on it!

B.D McArthur-
Sarcoxie, MO

“I put these on 04/30/2012. I have put 360,000 thousand miles on my truck since I bought them from you. Right off the bat I noticed a big difference in the ride of my truck. It was like night and day.

I own a 2009 Western Star Low Max. Before i purchased your shocks, the truck had a rough ride. It would bounce a lot. I checked and re-checked the balance of my tires, and they were fine.

I bought your shocks and that was the difference. The truck started riding so good it was great. Your shocks straighten out the rough spots in my tires which is hard to do. I have gotten over 210,000 miles on my steers and a little over 300,000 on my last set of drives. My current steers have 100,000 on them and there’s 14/32 on them. They started out with 19/32 and they are just as round as the day I put them on.

I would recommend them to anyone. They are well worth the money you spend on them. I just took them off to send back to you to be rebuilt. I put on a new set of Monroe Mangums and they are junk. The bounce is back.”

Thanks a lot,
Kenny Condry @ Kenny Condry Trucking

I own 2 heavy-duty trucks. I installed RoadKing Shocks on one and noticed the difference right away in the way it handled! It was a much more stable and a smoother ride. The best thing was the lack of tire wear! The steers are lasting 160,000-180-000 miles!

RoadKing Shocks are a smart investment and the $ return is noticeable.

David Leal

I have a 2005 Peterbilt with Flex AIR suspension. It never was a good ride. I decided to buy a pair or RoadKing Shocks for the steering. I liked them so much I decided to put them on the drive.

493,000 miles before I had a problem with the seal. I believe these shocks are a good investment, for a great ride.

Terry Phillips

We haul cattle in NY and PA, 80,000 lbs and rough roads. We kept breaking springs. Finally I called roaching shocks after hearing about them on the Kevin Rutherford show.

200,000 miles later, no more broken springs! We noticed immediately a much smooter ride, superior handling and better control. We couldn’t be happier. Yours are the only shocks we will ever use!

Tim and Tina Shattuck
Savannah, NY

“I run in the North Dakota oil fields where the roads are very primitive. I switched to RoadKing in 2011 and beat the heck out of them for 2 years. I have only changed 3 of them since 2011. BEST shock I have ever had and will never have any other.

The best thing about these shocks besides the ride is they hold the tire to the ground in mud and snow and does not wheel hop, which gives you the ultimate in traction. I recommend these shocks to any and all.”


When I bought my last truck, I knew there were certain upgrades that would be “must haves”. I didn’t think shocks would be one. When I started to do my research, RoadKing Shocks were recommended by a person with a great deal of knowledge of the industry.

I tried my first pair on the front of the truck and the difference was immediately noticeable. The ride of the truck improved massively. I was able to hold more speed in curves, the big bumps turned to small bumps, and the small bumps disappeared.

After more than a year and a half, they are still in like new condition. They take all the punishment of the road like dirt, road salt and grimes and shrug it off.

Recently I had to replace my rear shocks after LESS than a year because they literally fell apart and without any hesitation replaced them with RoadKings. We had a slight bit of communication error involving wrong information from a third party and RoadKing stepped up and took care of the problem with ZERO hesitation.

This is a company who sells a superior product with superior customer service. These are a product that is worth every penny spent.

T.V. Transportation
Farmington, NM

“I am a company driver and am lucky enough to have a boss who lets us put whatever shocks we want to on our trucks. After a friend recommended RoadKing Shocks to me, I gave them a shot.

I didn’t believe how amazing they were until I had them on my truck. After putting them on, I felt a huge difference in the ride and the tire wear.

With RoadKing Shocks, I get 170,000 miles out of my steer tires and I usually only get 100,000. I drive a 2007 KW900 and haul gasoline and propane.”

I have a lot of buddies who drive semi and I highly recommend them to all of my friends.

Nick Blackbourn
Petro Oil Transport, Gotham, WI

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It has been some time since I had my RoadKing Shocks installed on my 40 ft. Tiffin Phaeton coach. The reason for this is so I could give you a full and fair assessment of your product.

Robert said the heavy valving on the rear and medium on the front was the first time this configuration was used on my type of coach. I have to admit that at first thought I had made a mistake. The day I had them installed I could tell immediately that the wallowing and proposing was effectively eliminated. It was wonderful and it hugged the road like a champ! But when I go on a secondary road with bad joints and lots of patches the ride became harsh and hard.

I called Lonnie at RoadKing and he said to please give them some “break-in” time; drive at least a thousand miles and then see what the shocks were doing and if I was not satisfied he would revolve them or do whatever I wanted.

I am so glad I did! I have not driven nearly a thousand miles. Probably after four hundred plus miles the shocks smoothed out. Road and driving control are as good as the day installed, but the harshness has stopped and the ride is the best of anything I have ever driven. (We have been full-time RVers for 16 years – five rigs fro class C to gas to diesel class A rigs.)

This Phaeton came with a very good ride, but the damping of the shocks had a lot to be desired. I am so happy with RoadKing and it is worth every cent for the ride and control and not being tired from an all day drive fighting the wheel. Thank you, Robert at Henderson’s Lineup, who sold me the shocks and thank you, Lonnie, who revolved and shipped the shocks to me at no additional cost. Thank you all for delivering on every claim and promise about your product. Not many products have been able to do that.

God bless, Jack and Sally Hollingsworth

Lonnie, Thanks!

Came home to the new shocks for the bus . . . had installed and appears to be a LOT better. Wish I was able to get on before our trip to Dallas showroom as came back through Oklahoma . . . rough roads.

I did want to tell you, some months back I found a round piece of rubber bushing in our drive. My guys looked at both cars and I looked at coach . . . BUT when tech took my shocks off he said . . . “I see where the rubber came from.”

It was bushing that tore apart from the old shock. Perhaps that was some of my complaints?

Otherwise . . . fee these new ones are much, much better. We thank you for your terrific support and I will always continue to sell these for you with as many people who ask me about them.

Thanks so much . . . Best for upcoming holidays!

Steve & Cynthia


I am one of the most skeptical people on earth. So when I was at my absolute wits end in researching a cure for the suspension problem for my new 2009 Jayco Embark Qx390 Motorhome you had given me hope.

The factory air suspension violently pitched and rolled in uneven parking lots at slow speed and made me drive white knuckled on the deteriorating interstate highways, especially in Oklahoma. It was just a pitiful and nerve wracking experience.

I am very pleased with the motor home, just hated the ride. I searched every Recreational Vehicle forum recommendation, RV magazines and online specifications available. No one had a reasonable cure or even a sway bar or shock absorber fit for my particular RV, which is on a Freightliner M2 Business Class Chassis.

When I called you and several other manufacturers of suspension components, you were the only one that offered to help me solve the problem. When you offered to make an application for me and suggested that the application would cure most of the problem, I of course was extremely skeptical, but decided to try it.

I just returned from a one-thousand mile test trip and I cannot thank you enough. The overall difference really defies comparison. The motor home performed as if the entire suspension had been replaced and tuned just for that particular application. It is difficult to believe that a set of shock absorbers could make that much difference, but you have made a believer of me.

My advice to anyone considering buying this motor home is to not drive it off the dealer’s lot without a set of RoadKing shock absorbers. If you could convince Jayco to use RoadKing shocks as standard equipment they would have a winner.

Thanks again for all your advice and patience.

Warren Johnson

Booneville, Arkansas

Special thanks to Mcgaugh RV Center and Jerid Combs for their photographs and excellent work on this application.

Distributor for RoadKing Shocks

Henderson’s Line Up

Mr. Henderson,

We had the RoadKing shocks installed on our 2000 diesel pusher 40’ Country Coach, which is equipped with air and independent suspension, August 4, 2008. The coach weighs in at just below 35,000 lbs. with us and our possessions. The ride previous to the shock installation was fair to good, but I felt that it was time for new shocks. It bounced a bit more than I thought it should. It was suggested that we consider the RoadKing’s shocks, which we did.

The logic was if the ride was safer from the stand point of control, stability and braking, then the ride comfort, if any, would be a plus.

On our way back home to the Portland area after leaving your shop, we immediately noticed a marked improvement to the ride and stability of the coach. I have driven many RVs and none, not even the new diesel pushers, come close to the ride, stability and feel of our present Country Coach.

I am always a bit dubious about having people work on our coach because they don’t seem to respect and take pride in doing a good job. But, your staff is extremely conscientious, considerate, meticulous and professional in every respect. Our technician, Erick, who performed the drive analysis with us and performed the necessary work, was not only outstanding, but is a true craftsman of the trade. It is rare to see craftsmen in any trade, but every one of your service personnel is just that, craftsmen!

Erick, toward the end of the evaluation drive, suggested that we might not need the motion control units, which I had scheduled to be done along with the shock replacement and alignment. He said, “If the RoadKing shocks do their job, you wouldn’t need the motion control units. So, let’s check the alignment and put the RoadKings on and test drive, then see if you still need the motion control.”

Erick could have easily sold me the motion control units and I never would have known the difference. That statement from Erick impressed my wife and I. Henderson’s exudes integrity and honesty! In fact, the whole staff said the same thing. I’m not easily impressed, but I am with you and your employees.

If anyone wants to call me and ask about my experience with Henderson’s and the RoadKing shocks, they certainly may. I would be more than happy to share my thoughts and feelings. But, beware and forewarned that I will give both Henderson’s and RoadKing the highest possible marks in my reference. A footnote: I have never done this for any product or company before.


Amie Larson

Aloha, OR

RoadKing Shocks
44542 Brawley Avenue
P.O. Box 407
Jacumba, California 91934

Dear Lonnie,

My 2002 Holiday Rambler Ambassador diesel pusher motor home rode like a buckboard wagon, or maybe even worse, and I decided it was time to do something about it. I had my coach at Cummins Cal Pacific in El Cajon, California and was discussing the issue with the shop foreman, Chris Komasa, and he told me about a new shock that was on the market for motor homes. I had not heard of RoadKing, so I decided to check the product out online and I was impressed. I called Chris and told him to order me a set of the shocks and call me when they were at the shop. I had the shocks installed and picked my coach up on June 9, 2008. I could tell the difference right away and by the time I got home I was sold on your product. The difference in the ride is superb, the height the coach sets at is visibly obvious and with these shocks I can leave my coach set for twenty four horse and not lose the air from the air bags, which was a problem I had prior to the new shocks.

Cal Pacific called me a couple of days after I had picked up the coach to ask my opinion of the shocks and I told Chris I was really impressed and happy with my decision. I also told him I felt he could recommend the shocks to other customers without reservation.


Claude Livengood
San Diego, California

Attn: Lonnie Woods

Dear Mr. Woods:

In October of last year, we purchased and had installed your RoadKing Shocks on our 2007 Newmar Ventanna 3330 at Henderson Line-Up in GrantsPass, OR.

To state we were having handling issues with the coach before this would be an understatement. The coach is a diesel pusher with a short wheel base and we continually had issues with porpoising and front end wander. Driving was an unpleasant experience, to say the least.

After the installation we headed for Arizona for three months and a trip of 4,000 miles plus. What used to be a nightmare to drive was now a pleasure. The coach handled like a dream and we couldn’t be happier.

As I am writing this we are sitting at an Escapees Rally in Gillette, WY in the middle of another 5,000 mile trip.

Thank you for such a great product!


Steve Alverdes

Anacortes, WA

To Robert Henerson

Henderson’s Line Up

417 SW Henderson Lane

Grants Pass, OR 97527

We are in Blaine, Washington on our way to Alaska and after 800 miles on the RoadKing shocks we are still amazed how well the coach rides and handles.

My wife has commented since we installed them how much better the coach goes over the dips and bumps.

Thank you for providing such a well engineered and built product for our motor home.

Bob Van Eck

2003 Country Coach Allure

Distributor for RoadKing Shocks

Henderson’s Line Up

We purchased our RoadKing shocks at Amana, Iowa for our 2001 Country Coach Intrigue.

We noticed the difference when we hit the first bump. What a ride. We have a Magna ride now. We have driven 2k miles since the install over many different roads.

We are were considering trading for a smoother, heavy ride, not now and if we ever trade, the first thing I will do is install RoadKing Shocks.

Paul and Nancy Cummings

Dear Lonnie,

We received our shocks a day before we left for a business trip from Arkansas into South Texas. As you know, I felt skeptical about spending so much, but now I have a different problem . . . NOT falling to sleep while driving! Wife says, “Best money we’ve ever spent on coach.”

As you may recall we use our Allegro Bus in business travels within some of the poorest rated roads in all the USA. I had my mechanic install them the very next day . . . and WOW! What a pleasant drive we had to Dallas. We noticed the difference in road bumps, dips, uneven concrete strips and the noise IN the coach has been dramatically reduced! They have taken that “loosy-goosy” feel out of freight liners. The feeling I could never cure. In total . . . an ENTIRE better ride one would expect.

We run a State RV Chapter and we are more than willing to answer anyone’s questions about $400 for shocks. Please post our letter, have anyone call or e-mail if they need support. Thank you for what you have created! Please . . . DO NOT stop. We have used coaches for years and will ALWAYS install RoadKings.

Steve & Cynthia Ecton

Heber Springs, AR

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